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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Nor'easter March 2017

 This post is for all my southern peeps who were asking to see snow photos from 
 around the farmhouse on Instagram today.  I posted a video this morning of the snow event, aka blizzard, we are having.  If you don't follow me on IG (Instagram) (and you really should!:):):) then you can click on my photos from Instagram from my sidebar > to view the video.  

Yesterday (when we had zero snow on the ground)  I wrote on IG that I was pretty sure Dan and I are the only people in New England not quite ready for spring just yet and we were excited to have some more snow.  I was pleased to get a lot of comments from New Englanders who shared our sentiments.  Nice to know we aren't the only crazy ones;):)

By definition a "blizzard" (i.e. big crazy snowstorm) has to meet three defined criteria to qualify as a blizzard:
1.  Sustained wind or frequent gusts of 35 miles per hour or greater.
2.  Considerable falling and/or blowing snow reducing visibility to under a quarter mile.
3. The above conditions must continue for at least three consecutive hours!

 So, put on your gloves, hats, coats and boots and join us in our blizzard!

The stone beehives at the entrance.  View from the road

We had about 14" when Dan and Big Blue braved the elements to plow the drive and create a p-patch for the girls!  They had tried to go out just prior to this and got to the bottom of the front steps and couldn't get beyond.  Daddy and Big Blue to the rescue!

You can see how deep the snow is in this shot.

Thank you to my "plowboy" for taking all these cold exterior shots!

As quickly as Big Blue could plow a path, the snow would quickly fill back in.

The upstairs master bedroom porch.  Our winter has been so mild we never got around to putting the porch furniture away :(  The wind blew the chair in the forefront to the center of the porch.

The view from the master bedroom.

Snow piled on the new copper roof from a window in the south guest bedroom.

The upstairs hall.  Again, the shadow at the base of the window is snow accumulation on the copper roof at the front porch.

Different angle, but still pretty!

Snow blown and stacked on a kitchen window.

The plowboy's down gloves drying over a heat vent!

The kitchen porch with a big pile of blown snow in the middle.

View from a dining room window.

Another pretty view from the kitchen window.

The winds have been so strong that the snow has blown off the roof.

The girls going outside this evening!  Magnolia and Louise always forgo the steps and sail right over the top!  Louise is in the front, Magnolia is in the air and Ella is bringing up the rear!

These southern girls love the snow!

Silly Magnolia (in the center) is crouched behind a mini snow berm waiting to play "attack" her sissy, Louise, as she approaches

The attack unfolds!

The "blue hour" from the living room.

The blue hour from the reading room.

Looking into the courtyard from the reading room.

The girlies waiting to be given the okay to snatch up their Charlie Bear treats!!


It has been a wonderful, beautiful snow day, safe and sound in the farmhouse with a fire going,  coffee and tea, breakfast as dinner, and lots of puppy sugar.  The girls love the snow, but they are quick to go outside, do their business and come immediately back in!  Smart southern girls:)
Hope your day has been warm, safe and cozy too!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day...come to a Celtic wedding at the farmhouse

Well... not a "real" wedding, but a wedding photoshoot for my very charming, talented, detail-oriented and fun friend-  event planner Sorrell Downing of Events by Sorrell!  
The photoshoot highlighted a long list of talent from makeup artist, hair stylist, florist, baker, calligraphy artist not to mention an amazing photographer, Kate Preftakes of Kate Preftakes Photograpghy, gifted florist Trim Hahn of Posies by Trim,  and of course meticulous planning by Sorrell to bring it all together.  I had the opportunity to work with Sorrell and Kate to style some of the photos, which was so fun.  It was a fabulous day surrounded by creativity!  

Since today is Valentine's I thought it was the perfect day to share these photos from the photoshoot with you!   It is also the time to start thinking about and booking your wedding planner and photographer for your upcoming summer wedding.  Sorrell, Kate and Trim do events all around New England, and I highly recommend them. 
Since the photos I take of the farmhouse are all photos of rooms and design, I thought it would be fun for you to see some of the rooms with people in them for a different perspective.
This post contains a lot of photos since all the photos that Kate took were beautiful and they were all my favorites I had a difficult time narrowing them down.  Except for the large punch bowl and cups, all table pieces (i.e. napkins, glasses, flatware, candles, etc.) are mine.
I know you will enjoy all the photos as much as I do!
Credits and contact info for contributors can be found the end of this post. 

All photos:  Kate Preftakes Photography

Event Planner:  Events by Sorrell
Flowers:   Posies by Trim
                             Hair & Makeup:  Terri Crowe- Studio 105 Hair Design
Dress:  Melissa Decatur Martel

Decatur Martel Melissa Decatur Martel


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